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 what is your responsibility as computer owner

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PostSubject: what is your responsibility as computer owner   Wed Mar 14, 2012 1:00 am

what is your responsibility as computer owner
The maintenance of the computers is not the responsibility of the technical only,But it is yours too as owner .. So the question now is .. what is your responsibility as owner???
We will answer this question within these tips which will leads you to the wright way of maintenance which the owner can do it ..
1-Make sure to Run Scandisk and De-fragment of your computer once a month at least . why ?? because this will keep your hard disk healthy and prevent crashes.
2-Get a reliable antivirus program and use it to keep your computer healthy
3-Donot unplug components from the computer when it is on.because Unplugging with the power on can short out the connector socket or the motherboard. However, you can unplug devices that are “hot pluggable”.
4- keep software disks you receive with your computer and other hardware devices. These disks contain important applications for Windows and are needed when Windows must be restored. Keep these disks and your Windows installation disk in a safe place.
5- Do not load up programs you don't need it or not necessary. because this will effect on the space of memory and Windows Resources.
6- If you’re running (Windows XP) then you should have 500-600 MB of free hard drive space on your system drive (C:). And you will need more than this free hard drive space if you are running (windows 7 or vista) ... If you don’t have enough free space your computer may become slow.
7- To keep in safe your precious data. So backup data to portable hard drives, USB drives, CD-RW etc.
We hope that these tips will enable you to understand your responsibility as owner to your computer .. However if you have any other problems you can not fix it , don't worry , just contact us and we will help you to fix it ,,,

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what is your responsibility as computer owner
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