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 Overheating Laptop

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PostSubject: Overheating Laptop    Sun Mar 11, 2012 6:06 pm

Hello members ..
One of the most laptop problems is Overheating which could leads to other problems preventing your laptop to work properly .. Therefore all laptop user should take care as far as possible about overheating particularly for users whom used to run laptop for long hours daily ..
Many reports confirmed that This problem was first gained popular attention around 2006, Laptop overheating most commonly signals itself by sudden, otherwise unexplained shutdown of an operating computer. If your laptop computer suddenly shuts down for no known reason, there is a high likelihood that the fail safe software in the computer is shutting it down when the computer temperature gets too high. Other signs of overheating notebook computers include constant or excessive fan operation, unexplained memory or operation errors, and inexplicable “blue screens of death.”
Since the gained of popular attention to this problem around 2006 as we mentioned the general issue of hot laptops is separate from those bad batteries, but laptop "explosions" certainly brought attention to the basic cause: Scorching heat is a bad trait for something that sits on your lap.
The problem often arises when you are using your computer intensively in ways that keep the CPU operating at high capacity and the hard drive and video systems busy as well. Gaming often leads to laptop overheating. Virus scans, compiling software and similar intensive tasks can also bring on the problem. The problem also, not surprisingly, sometimes occurs when the temperatures are high in the setting where the laptop is being used.
The consequences of overheating laptops can be quite serious. Your computer can be damaged, and may end up requiring expensive replacement of major system components, such as motherboards or graphic cards. In addition, medical researchers have reported health issues ranging from sterility to burned genitalia related to use of overheated laptops by fully clothed users.
There are two major reasons why laptops have more of an overheating problem than desktops. First, since laptops are smaller than desktops, those electronic components are crammed in there more tightly. Since they're closer together, and since the casing of a laptop is so narrow, there's not much room for the heat to dissipate.
The other issue is power. As laptops get more powerful processors, and as operating systems require more of that processing power to run, more heat is being generated inside the case.
­Of course, laptop manufacturers know about this, and there's lot of stuff inside the unit that's supposed to remove this heat. Fans, heat sinks and air vents all work to cool down a laptop while it's running. Sometimes, though, it's just not enough. Overheating can happen when a fan isn't working properly or there's some other malfunction. But sometimes, it's more the user's fault than the machine's.

So if you have an overheating laptop and your computer is still under warranty, you should promptly report the problem to us in this forum to send to you our technical in order to give you the proper help to prevent the spread of damage in your computer ..

Thank you ..

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Overheating Laptop
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